Gevalia Kaffe - Special Headhunters Blend

For some reason I'm not so sure I'm receiving any clicks, which leads me to wonder.. Is anyone receiving mine? I am so noob at this.

Several months back, the ladyfriend suddenly became intrigued with cannibals, and we became hooked in a game of youtube reels and we hopped from video to video, our curiosity and fascination growing with every piece of footage we observed.

While I forget exactly where it started in the world of youtube, somehow we were led here: Going Tribal: Living With Cannibals. We were introduced to a portion in the middle of an episode, and once we had finished watching it... Fascinated as all Hell, we wanted more. We craved it. Personally, I just wanted to see if they were going to eat the white man or not. We went and watched it from the beginning and watched several episodes of the white man's time with the cannibals. It was pretty interesting, he somehow managed to befriend a few of the tribes and learn their customs. They had some pretty weird ass games, like this one where they beat the shit out of each other with long poles.

That was cute, but watch as they make this poor guy drink a cup of cow's blood! And we don't even know how many people have sipped off that cup prior to his drinking, I'm not a germaphobe or anything but that sounds pretty disgusting! The first episode of this show takes place in a place called West Papua, in Indonesia, and today while I was brewing up some coffee I couldn't help but notice that the new box of Gevalia I was opening was a Limited Edition blend, straight from Papua, New Guinea. 

When I snipped the head of the bag off into the trash, the deep delicious aroma of the limited edition blend surrounded and overwhelmed my senses, and I just couldn't wait to get those grounds in the pot. As it brewed the lovely scent flooded my humble abode and it was like caffeine wonderland up in this bitch. Mmm, it's almost a shame that I'm trying to stay away from caffeine for the next few years. 

That's right - I'm giving up mind/chemistry altering things like smoking, drinking, and taking caffeine/any pills for the next 2-5 years. I figure I have quite a bit of growing to do and it would help if I did it without the aid of any substances. Wish me luck~

"Right from the cannibalistic headhunting tribes themselves."

...Oh, on a side note - apparently it isn't gay if it is in a three way, I'm sure you know what this entails. However, I will leave you with this instead.


  1. Sorry man, you're not doing it right.

  2. Ah. No? I've been clicking ads and hanging out in them for minutes at a time. What am I doing wrong?

  3. I cant believe some of the stuff thats on youtube

  4. You and me both man, there is some total garbage out there. Ah you inspire another post. Have you seen "Tainted Milk"?

  5. the stick fighting is nuts... and I love the comments they make about him drinking the beer

  6. wowwww LOL
    "they make this poor guy drink a cup of cow's blood!"

  7. idk about anyone else but i wouldn't drink any kinda blood

  8. Just imagine if they put some ground human bone into your coffee ground accidently. Adds a little flavor. Interesting blog though, I like how you incorporate the links, going to follow.

  9. Good luck on your commitment to no drugs, but you do know that means you can have no chocolate or passion fruit or high fructose corn syrup, right? I'm a biochemist, so I felt obligated to point that out.

  10. @Admin; Where does the lonely island come into play? :P

    @Cisco; hehe <3

    @Godlike I wouldn't be caught sipping blood either, I don't even know what kind of diseases the being contracted before it's timely death..yeck!

    @Matt; That would be awesome! Human bonemeal in my coffee grounds. Yumm yumm! Thankfully though, the coffee wasn't being brewed for my consumption. :3 Thanks for the love man.

    @Kurrency21; Hey brother, thanks for the love.

    @Metamorphiction; A biochemist eh? Very nice.

    Thank you very much for the info, I actually have been trying to keep away from the high fructose corn syrup as much as possible as well... (God they put that shit in everything!) I didn't know about passion fruit, but I don't eat it so it doesn't really bug me - I did know about the chocolate though... I wanted to start eating dark chocolate every now and again because it's supposed to contribute some slight benefits to your health/happiness, other than that I don't really consume sweets either haha.

    Thank you for the luck, it's hard...but my will is strong.

  11. haha, this sounds like some crazy hobo adventure. good luck

  12. I love this blog. Keep up the good work man.