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Welcome to a page where I will endlessly express my eclectic tastes in music, without regard for the ears of anyone else. :3

Who doesn't love some good ol' Elton John in the afternoon? :)

 An old cult favorite of mine from middleschool, this was the band my friends introduced death metal to me with. Here is "Without Judgement" by Death, off of their album "Symbolic. R.I.P Chuck Schuldiner, memories of you burn vibrantly throughout the hearts of metalheads everywhere today, still. You will not be forgotten, you were a gift to music, your words inspire depth in thought.

 I don't know much about this band, they're a melodic death-thrash metal band from Sweden. Oh yeah, and their vocalist is a chick that call's herself "Metallic Kitty" This is "Sculptures" by a band called Decadence.

 "She's pretty cute too, I would be sad if she wasn't...with a name like kitty. \m/"

I'm actually fairly surprised I could find this one SO quickly! This is "Creeper" by Schwarz Stein, a defunct Japanese Darkwave duo. Enjoy~


Angel Dust (Lead Weight version) by Venom, one of the first BWOHM bands, they were from Newcastle, South Wales.

"Better to Reign in Hell than to Serve in Heaven!"

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